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Discover Nha trang - Time starved


Tran Phu Boulevard

Tran Phu Boulevard is the main street of Nha Trang city, running along the white sandy coast under the shady foliage of coconut trees. Teeming with restaurants, bars, and hotels, the street is busy from dawn till dusk.


Hon Chong Promontory

Cycling is a great way to explore the Nha Trang. With only two hours to spare, cycling is the perfect way to journey along the coast up to Hon Chong Promontory or beyond.



Take a full day journey to discover more of Nha Trang. Experience the tranquility of the countryside and see village life up-close and personal. Meander down the Cai River, making stops at craft workshops and an ancient historical home built in the old ways.

Mud Bad

A concept existing for thousands of years, mud bath has made a name for itself amongst the high-end spa treatments. It is commonly found in areas in which hot springs combine with volcanic ash. This relaxing experience is believed to have beneficial health properties.

Cooking Classes

Cooking class is an unforgettable way to truly discover Vietnamese culture through your taste buds. Participants will shop all ingredients for cooking lesson in Dam market then cook DIY style under guidance of local chefs.


By Bicycle

Nha Trang is a small and safe city, which is perfect to explore it by bicycle. It is great fun to veer of the hustling main roads to find out the hidden beauties inside rural and farming areas

By Bus

Nha Trang has an efficient and adordable public transport system with well-marked stops throughout the city and nearby areas. One way ticket costs about VND 7,000 per person with operation time closes at 7 pm at the latest.

By Taxi

Taxis are plenty but make sure you recognize the reliable brands like Asia Taxi or Quoc Te. Price is at approx. VND 16,000 per km.


Walks and trips

Dam Market

This is the biggest and the most famous market in town where you can find anything and everything from souvenirs, suitcases, to clothes or even dried seafood products.

Nha Trang Night Market

Full of souvenir shops and street food stalls, find these markets down Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street’s alley.


Nha Trang is famous for diving activities. The Nha Trang Bay is ranked 29 amongst the world’s most beautiful bays and is home to a variety of colourful and beautiful coral reef.

A multitude of dive shops around the tourist strip run boats to many of Nha Trang's 25 dive sites.

For something different, ask a dive shop like Rainbow Diving about the many small underwater caves that can be explored.

Island Tour

Nha Trang is famous for its bay and surrounding islands like Hon Mun with clear water, which provides a perfect transparent underwater visibility for snorkeling. A stop at the unique Tri Nguyen Aquarium, crafted like a barnacle covered pirate ship is a must.

Tour boats often dock alongside a floating fishing village where much of Nha Trang’s best seafood is farmed and raised. Here, you can purchase some of the freshest seafood available!

Xom Moi Market

You can find anything to everything from souvenirs to suitcases and dried fishes to medicines at this market.


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